Saturday, February 17, 2007

Horror/Thriller Revisited

In the, Oh no, not again! category, the horror/thriller controversy seems to have sprung up yet again. Please let me explain, one last time. The only reason I discussed horror on this blog was that I had an inspiration from reading an online article that stated that David Morrell and someone else, whose name I cannot recall, had started a thriller organization similar to the MWA. Mr. Morrell said something to the effect that he writes thrillers but his books always seem to end up in the mystery category. The article went on to say that Dean Koontz and others would prefer to have their work categorized as thrillers instead of horror because, again according to this article, horror was becoming a bad word—that practically no one wanted to be associated with horror anymore because of audience sensibilities. This makes sense with what I have been seeing. However, horror writers seem to be annoyed by this. You want to know what I think? When you, as a horror or thriller or whatever writer, sell a zillion copies of your book, then I will care what you think. If Dean Koontz or Stephen King calls me up to complain, I will retract my statements. Until then, I stand behind them, whatever they were. I can’t really remember now. It had something to do with horror.