Saturday, August 01, 2009

Caution: No Mud,

This will be a very short post (pause while waiting for the cheering to subside). Sharene will be posting here in a bit, but we wanted to post this to address some of the comments we’ve been receiving that are off topic and very unpleasant. This is more of a cautionary post than informational and is addressed to those whose comments are beyond the realm of the discussion at hand—that between Scott and me. It’s fine if you disagree. In fact, we welcome disagreement. Because this is a discussion from two opposing views, we expect that and we also expect some of the comments to be heated; that’s what makes a good forum. However, what we don’t like is personal mud-slinging and name-calling. Most of those who comment here are highly engaged in the discussion at hand; however, there are some who come here for other purposes. We believe that all sides of every issue should be explored, and this is why it’s always been our policy to post almost every comment we receive. If those who wish to comment here want to see us continue that policy, then please limit your remarks to the discussion. If we receive any more of the viciousness that we have been receiving, we will cease to have these discussions and will begin deleting those who choose to use our blog to throw out insults.

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Jim MacKrell said...

Here, this age, information is precious and important. Mud and viciousness aren't necessary. Its just a sign of the times. If you can't contribute, don't. Look at this blog like a conversation. Its impolite to get off the subject and to interrupt.
I totally agree with the author..