Monday, April 20, 2009

Windless Summer

AVAILABLE MAY 19 from Random House...

Heather Sharfeddin's latest novel, Windless Summer


"Imagine Annie Proulx taking on the Salem witch trials."
- Robin Cody, author of Ricochet River

"...Sharfeddin's best work yet." Publishers Weekly

In the small Washington town of Rocket—a summer playground for windsurfers and tourists—a windless season ignites fear, as businesses struggle and residents move away. Rocket’s motel, run by lonely widower Tom Jemmett is hard hit. Swirling around Tom are lives much like his own, townspeople yearning for wind, but also for hope, connection, even love. Charlene, a young mail clerk, helps care for Tom’s troubled daughter while a secret gnaws at her heart…Lauren, the town vet, has fallen for Tom, who barely notices…and newspaper editor Hap is hatching a foolish plan to save his dying town.

Just as time is running out, something like a miracle strikes Tom’s run-down motel. Guests who stay in Room 6 begin experiencing sudden acts of fate, both terrible and great. And now, the world is descending on Tom and the struggling town.. But while Rocket shows new signs of life, the truth about Tom’s motel and the death of his wife—as well as the secret hopes and fears of those around him—are exposed, leaving no life unchanged, no heart untouched, and no miracle too wondrous to believe.

At once a mystery, a rumination on love, family and devotion, and a glimpse into the uncanny.