Sunday, May 02, 2010

Thanks, UCLA!

The other day, I had the pleasure of doing a Q & A for one of UCLA’s online extension courses. I love this sort of exercise because it breaks my daily routine and makes me use my brain in a different way. The writers I met were a lively group who keep me thoroughly engaged throughout the entire day as I answered their many questions. That evening I went to bed smiling because I had spent a lovely day with those who were truly interested in learning how the process works.

Writers should do this. Writers should prepare themselves for their chosen career by better understanding the industry into which they hope to publish. If a person doesn’t prepare, he will not do well because he will make huge mistakes in the beginning, which will then lead to a feeling that it’s impossible to write for a living, that somehow what he’s written holds no value. However, every piece of writing has value if that value is only appreciated and/or exploited properly by its author.

I have to commend the instructor, Caroline Leavitt, and the students enrolled in the UCLA online class Novel Writing ll: Writing a Novel the Professional Way Workshop, for their thoughtful questions and refreshing curiosity about the business of publishing. I thank them wholeheartedly for allowing me participate in their learning experience. I learned a great deal also and enjoyed my time answering questions tremendously. Thanks, UCLA!

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Caroline Leavitt said...

They were thrilled to have you, and I was so honored. I can't thank you enough.