Wednesday, September 29, 2010

The Shrink

If you're asking why your fantastic novel wasn't snapped up and why your literary agent has been awful cranky and frustrated lately, this might explain why.


Neesha Meminger said...

Thank you for your last couple of posts. I'm, er, "in between" agents right now and have been wondering whether it even makes sense at this point to sign on with someone (particularly with the much smaller advances publishers have been offering as of late). I have a book published with a major house, but am in a bit of a holding pattern in the YA world with all the changes in the industry. In the meantime, however, I have been writing and having paranormal romances e-published (under a pen name); and they're selling well. I'm building a reader base, finding my style in that genre, and having fun, to boot. It's a tough time for publishing, to be sure, but I have to agree with Doctorow - this could be the start of going back to smaller presses and independent publishers, as well as generating creative solutions to outdated business practices.

I'll definitely be adding you to my blogroll :).


Imani said...

I'm not going to let this discourage me with my dream. My story is going to get out there!..Somehow. Thanks for posting this article.

Anonymous said...

Unfortunately, the publishing industry has had its head in the sand for too long. Scams are allowed to flourish, such as the Miss Snark hoax in which big corporations like Writers Digest and SFWA were involved. So how do you expect an industry with no morals and no integrity to survive? For too long, agents have been blamed, when in fact the fault is with the writers who are not doing enough to sell their works once they are published, always blaming their publishers or the agents for their lackluster sales. God forbid an author should pay an agent to edit his manuscript to make it more salable according to Ann Crispin and Victoria Strauss. Agents are supposed to be content with straight commissions from the paltry sales, and publishers are known to withhold royalties against returns, so many authors don't even earn out their advances. I know of no other industry as cheap as this one, even when times were better than they are now. And the cheapskate flakes at Writer Beware have turned off an entire generation of publishers and authors with their fake warnings designed to direct writers to dead-end contests and other services that take their money, while smearing the reputations of those who might be able to actually help some of these writers.

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