Saturday, August 13, 2011

Why I Chose This Book--Who Stole Me?

I knew from the first moment I read Who Stole Me? that I wanted to publish it. Even in manuscript form, the story jumped off the page. But Jon P. Bloch novels have a tendency to do that. Jon's first novel, published by St. Martin's, had that effect on a reviewer at Publisher's Weekly who said that it "…deserves consideration for best first mystery."

With his third novel, Who Stole Me?, Jon P. Bloch departs from his original genre to explore the part of us that makes us tick. For instance, would a person driven by unemployment and a failed marriage, if he had the opportunity, commit identity theft? Would this same person cover up a murder to protect his child?

These are only questions one would ask about a thief—what about his victim? Plain and simple, Jesse Falcon is an asshole. He's a psychologist who hates his clients, even the one with whom he's currently having an affair. Jesse is a ball of seething rage and that rage hits a new high when he learns that someone is stealing a great deal of his money.

I'll not say more as I don't want give anything away that the reader might find for him or herself in this extremely unique novel. Much more can be learned about Jon and his many accomplishments at Amazon, where the novel can be purchased for instant download to your Kindle reader. Don't have a Kindle? Download the app so you can read it on your PC. Who Stole Me? can also be purchased at Barnes and Noble for download on the Nook reader. If you don't have a Nook reader but want to enjoy books from Barnes and Noble on your PC, they also have a free app. No matter where you purchase it from, I hope you enjoy it as much as I did.