Wednesday, September 05, 2012

Market This

The sun came up this morning and WILL set this evening. Night WILL come and much of the world WILL sleep. These things are a given and expected.

Expecting a market for your book upon publication is a fool's errand. Readers only line up in anticipation for the next release in the Hunger Games series. They won't automatically anticipate your novel's release until you are a multi-published, New York Times Besting Author a couple of times over.

This is a fact and would be the case for any product in a market awash to the point of overflowing with items of poor quality. In this type market, your book's success—or failure—depends almost entirely on your willingness to put maximum effort into introducing it to its potential readers.

Successful book marketing comes with the knowledge that each day readers have hundreds of millions of other books to choose from. Failure is assured for those authors who believe the crap that the publisher will do all your marketing for you, that they will spend a minimum of $30,000 promotion, so all you have to do is write. Some publishers spread this hype to limit their competition, but most do it so they can attract writers away from other publishers; those smaller than they or possibly those who use a more candid approach (don't lie about how to be successful).

Automatically successful books come from those authors who work their known audiences. Successful authors keep email lists and communicate with their fans through any media available. Successful authors still market the hell out of their books. If you participate in social networking, you will see them there. Successful authors, TO STAY SUCCESSFUL, must be available to their reader fans. So what makes you, beginning author, think you are better than they?

The basic question still remains: do you want to be successful or do you just want to write. If you want to just write, then don't expect to be successfully published. It's not going to happen unless you establish an audience for what your writing effort produces. In other words, why build bird houses if there are no birds.
Bottom line is that you must market your books to be successful. If you now believe that part, we can continue with the how-to-do-it part. If not, then stop here:

1. If you ARE NOT active on the major social networks like Twitter and Facebook, then you must become established there. Do that before you do anything else. By the time your novel is published, you must be writing on both many times daily and have at least 300 followers or friends on each. Establishing this following only takes a month if you work at it. But don't stop there.

2. You must have an established blog, be posting interesting content (not about writing). Subject matter must be well thought out and unique. Read other's postings to get familiar with what they write, then write different stuff. A couple to check are Don Travis and Richard Smith's blogs  I would also suggest using Blogger on which to create your blog. Blogger is much easier to work with than some of the others. Blogger is free and Blogger won't bug you about getting their upgrade because they only have the free one.

4. Begin building excitement about your upcoming novel. You should have been doing this about the time you started writing it, however, most new authors still believe hype (see above).

5. Establish yourself on Goodreads. Read other's novels and comment on them. Build reader friends here too. You'll need them later.

6. Look for book launch parties on Facebook and become a part of them. Helping others also pays off because they, in turn, might help you when it's your turn to create your book launch party.

7. Establish yourself on LinkedIn as an author. Establish an account on any and all  social network you can find. All effort should be directed toward establishing the fact that you are a professional author and that you have a NEW book coming out. Never admit that you are a NEW author.

8. Learn all you can about marketing. This knowledge will serve you well.

9. Explore, the largest book retailer in the world. Your novel, when published, will appear here. Learn what Amazon can do for you as far as free promotional opportunities. Also check out Barnes andNoble and Kobo Books. Kobo has far reach and is already established in Canadian, Australian, New Zealand and Asian markets. We publish our authors here so learn what they can do for you.

10. Please check us out at We would love to work with you to produce a fine novel; one that you'll be proud to show off and, most importantly, one that readers will love. 

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