Sunday, July 08, 2012

Call Me Lucky

No matter what a person does in life, after many years of getting up and slogging about his daily tasks, he might become somewhat of a cynic. I do not, however, find this to be true in my life.

I am a publisher…call me Ishmael. Not really, because as you probably know, I'm not Ishmael, but like this Moby Dick character, I, too, seek adventure and discovery. Many mornings I wake up, pick up my oars, trek down to the sea, and open my portal to discovery.  My sea is the Internet, my valiant vessel is Outlook and my new worlds are emails. Upon their shores lay adventure, new talent and undiscovered voices. 

I love adventure. My adventure is rooted in discovery much like Ishmael, Columbus, Amerigo Vespucci ,and others who went down to the sea in ships. I find my adventure in new, never before seen lands. Mine is discovery of fresh ideas and new talent. I love my job.    

My latest finding, soon to be published, is Ginger by amazing teen author Carmen Verbas. 

Unearthing such a rare talent is why I arrive at my job each morning with much the same feeling in the pit of my stomach as I'm sure navigators, both ancient and modern, feel and have felt as they point their looking glasses to what might lie over the next horizon, or in my case, in the next query letter.