Thursday, December 13, 2012

Gangnam Style Marketing

Authors, if you’re curious about how effective your marketing efforts are, one of the very best ways is to search for your name or your book’s title on Google. If you only get a couple of hits, that means not many readers know your novel even exists.   That’s why you need to use Gangnam style marketing.

Beyond paid advertising, how can you improve exposure? One way is to blog regularly. But you also have to reach beyond just blogging. The best way is to learn all you can about blogging effectively. If you do it right, each time you post a story on your blog, a search bot will find key words within your post and give you an enter something about you on the internet. The more effective your SEO(Search Engine Optimization) keyword choices, the more effective will be your blogging effort. Also, you need to know if anyone is looking at your blog, so be sure you have a counter that keeps track of hits.

Be active on at least one social network. However, if you’re active on more than one, your name will  begin showing up when you search on Google. Be social on social networks. Don’t try to sell your book there. Unpaid ads on social networks are considered spam and no one likes to be spammed. Trying to save money will only accomplish turning potential readers off. Use social time to get to know folks. Be a person, make your time there fun. Use your profile to announce that you are the author of your title or titles. If people like you and are interested in what you do, out of curiosity, they’ll seek out your book and possibly buy a copy.

Get others to talk about you. This is one is both easy and difficult. The chances of getting attention for writing something awful are often higher than writing something good. That’s just human nature and the way things are. However, you must think positively. For instance, if someone writes a review on your book, it might show up in a Google search. But if you do something dumb, the odds are even better that what you did will end up on UTube and sometimes, depending on what you did, that’s not all bad either.

Entries spoil fast, so I’m sorry to say that you must keep posting and being friendly. Also, don’t overlook linking to other blogs and getting others to link back.  Having a blog and logging is still your most  powerful tool and much more effective, if used correctly, than hyping your book on social networks.

One of the worse things an author can do is to wait until his or her publisher sets up a big marketing campaign just for them. If you’re a new, single title author, this action is unlikely. For instance, we do market our author’s works, but we market our entire list of author’s works. If you want individual treatment, sell loads of novels. High sales will get your name on a best-sellers list and that type advertising is worth lots more than any ad a publisher can buy for you. Yes, we do help get your books out there, but sales are what you need to become a celebrity author. Sales are almost automatic when you reach celebrity author status. So your mission, should you accept it, is to market your work so that you too can sell a butt load of books.

Lastly, online marketing takes loads of time, but the rewards are well worth the effort. On the other side of the coin lies failure. If you do nothing to get your titles out there, all the labor you put into your writing is wasted because without a name, your book is just like every other book and there are millions out there. The world is filled with books. If no one knows where to look for your literary diamond, they will only find it only by accident. Think of using the internet correctly as giving each potential reader a metal detector so they can find your buried treasure.

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