Monday, January 14, 2013

Beam Me UP, Scotty

There are times when I want to scream, "IT'S THE 21ST CENTURY, PEOPLE, WAKE UP AND DEAL WITH IT.
There are actually those who firmly believe they can stay rooted in the past and survive the future. I'm here to tell you, it ain't gonna happen, Pilgrim.
A good example of being rooted in the past is what happened when Facebook went public last May. Virtually millions wanted a piece of that action, but because our financial system is still rooted in John D. Rockefeller time, it didn't work. An IPO which was the largest ever conceived of failed because of a system run by old technology and those who think that because Mark Zuckerburg wears tee shirts and a hoodie that his company couldn't be valuable and thus were unprepared to handle those millions of transactions all at once. And we wonder why there is, and continues to be, a financial crisis in this country. OMG.
Do you realize that a kid with a laptop has the power to converse and maintain friendships with a teens in India, Ethiopia, France, and China, all the same time without the aid of a telephone, shortwave radio, the mail or any 20th century medium except a Facebook account? 

Does that scare the hell of you? Well it should and not  for any reason except that kids are becoming Global Citizens while we sit on our asses and think small. How will these friendships grow? How can small minds ever handle our world in 10 years, in 20? And yet we still cling to our outmoded systems and ideas.
I receive requests from authors who don't know how to use a social system that can make them rich while those younger than they are thinking of the next big thing. What happened yesterday is Oh So Yesterday.

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Mark LaPolla said...

Very interesting piece on the cyber global citizen. In a very small way, I'd liked to think that I helped create that global cyberworld.

My mother still has trouble getting on MyFace, her words, but she does read her email. Personally, I have always preferred the virtual to the physical. My only regret is we need hardware to run our software on.

I am content with my magic library, aka the Kindle, and my laptop. I look forward to the Google Goggles, something that my colleagues at Lockheed Palo Alto Research Labs were pioneering back in the 80s. And also the Apple watch. Make mine a pocket watch.

I once vowed that I would one day get completely off the grid and only write with a quill. That day has not come and probably never will. I don't see anything to get particularly crazy about. Many people over 60 will be left behind but all the children are already there. My generation is on Facebook and Twitter. Or that might just be my friends, since most of them are in the SW industry.

Thanks for the thoughts.