Sunday, March 24, 2013


Much has been written about the frontier spirit, about the hardy individual, his or her strength, and the struggle against unimaginable survival odds. Living on the frontier could be life-threatening and lonely.

We romanticize about the wild, untamed west, but I wonder if we realize it was safer to go forth into the wilds as groups, rather than alone. It was also best to take along an individual who not only knew the way, but preferably one who had successfully survived the rigors and dangers of life in the wilds and came back alive.

So what does the Wild Western frontier have to do with today's publishing climate? Everything.  Modern publishing, especially Indie publishing, is the Wild West with those same rugged individuals setting forth into the unknown to tame that which, in many cases, can rapidly become unmanageable and untenable.  Much like those times, a person can do it entirely on his or her own, or he or she can go as a group under the guidance of an experienced wagon master.

As can be seen by how the West was eventually won, going with someone experienced, a guide toward success, works better than running off into the wilds alone. We at Martin Brown Publishers offer such guidance. First, having been publishing professionals for over 25 years, we have a strong sense of what sells and what doesn't. With your help, we strive to build your book from a rough manuscript into a professionally edited, finished book, both inside and out, that you'll be proud of and, most importantly, one that your reader will feel good about buying. Honestly, can this be said about many of the Indie published novels that are out there in the wilds alone?

Living on the frontier only became viable for settlers when they eventually came together to form communities. Not to say there aren't many groups in Indie writing world, but does the Indie writing community actually have a vested interest in your work or your success? Are they professionals with years of experience? We are, and we aren't in competition with you for readers.

There's absolutely no risk in sending us a query letter before making that plunge, alone, into the publishing wilds. It only takes a few moments to check us out. Kick the tires. Read some of our titles. We offer an eclectic selection of books for a wide-ranging reading audience. See our lineup at and decide for yourself if you want to be a part of a creative team with a traditional, royalty paying publishing house. With our help, if we work together, we can bring you much closer to becoming a successfully published author.

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