Monday, November 18, 2013

Thank You from MBPubs

We would like to take a moment to express our appreciation to those both in the industry and not who contacted us after hearing about the recent tornadoes that hit the Midwest to make sure we were safe and to offer their assistance if we needed it.
Although there was major damage just blocks away, ours was limited to some small branches on our property. We know we were very lucky, and right now we’re assessing the best way to contribute to the relief efforts in our community while avoiding interrupting those already in progress.

If you are ever interested in helping those who have faced a natural disaster, please remember the following:

1.      There are many opportunities to help those in need and those who are helping those in need. Seek out legitimate local and established national relief agencies who can guide you on how best to contribute your time, skills, or monetary/food/clothing donations.
2.      Although you might have good intentions, follow the guidance and directions of trained relief and emergency personnel when directed to stay away from affected areas. This will assist in making sure their attention can remain on helping those most needing servicesThank  instead of directing pedestrian and vehicular traffic.

Our thoughts are with those currently dealing with the aftermath of this weekend’s severe weather, both down the road and in nearby states. Thank you again for your concern for us, our family, and our business. It is much, much appreciated.

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