Wednesday, June 18, 2014

A Plan, Give us a Plan, Man

We at Martin Brown Publishers, LLC require that authors we publish have a marketing plan. Your marketing plan must show us you understand how to reach your reading audience. A marketing plan begins by having a thorough understanding of what you’ve written and who will buy it.
Some authors wait until they have a book in their hands before even thinking of who might buy and read a copy. If you wait until your book is published, you're too late to get any buzz started—way too late. So waiting until you’re published is not an option with us. We want you to begin marketing YOUR AUTHOR SELF as soon as possible.

Selling your author self should begin when you first sit down at a keyboard and seriously begin to craft a saleable work. It probably wouldn't hurt to think about who might buy something you've written when the muse first hits. Getting a blog and a Web address is not a bad idea even if you never finish the novel. Getting known doesn’t hurt no matter what profession you are in. Writing content to put on your blog and learning how to promote it teaches you necessary internet marketing skills. These skill are a must when you try to sell a book.

It is a necessity to be known if you are planning to become a successful author. Writing is entertainment. An author is an entertainer. Have you ever thought of yourself this way? To be successful, you must.

Entertainers, to be successful, must be known. Can you imagine a comedian, for instance, considering a career without being known? How about a musician or an actor? Can you imagine these entertainers not having a following? I can't. 

Authors are no different. Many, many authors throw a novel together and self-publish the results. Then they sit on their hands and wait. As time passes, they are sadly disappointed when no one buys a copy. Why? Because books are like falling leaves on an October day. There are that many of them. Can you imagine your reader sifting through a huge pile of leaves and picking your book? 

Your reader must know YOU first.

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